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recycled wine bottle lights

Recycled Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Heirloom Claremont’s Etsy page sells a range of different upcycled lights. Here is a collection that caught my eye. They are upcycled wine bottles, cut, and fitted with an Edison light bulb. These pendant lights can be ordered in different shapes and colors, depending on the wine bottle used. They are ideal for rustic, industrial […]


Galaxy Lights: A Fiber Optic Star Map Wall

In our L&L Design Guide: DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects post I highlighted how using fiber optics you could create your own DIY constellation sky in any room in your house. Here Ie have another version – instead of installing it on the ceiling Mr Trick created his star map on a wall, and also the constellations […]

Industrial Lamp DIY

DIY Industrial Bed Side Lamp

The inspiration for this DIY lamp project by Minni came from a Cox&Cox Lamp (photo below). To replicate this industrial style lamp, a metal shade from an IKEA FAS lamp (costing around $12) was used along with teak strips, metal rods, screws, etc. which were bought from a hardware store. The base of the lamp […]


DIY Whimsical Cotton Cloud Lamp

Here is a simple to do DIY project. All you need is some cotton, a paper lantern, a battery operated LED light (as these produce less heat than other lights), and a hot glue gun. Just pull the cotton apart and glue it to the outside of the paper lantern. Once done, simple place the […]

Clothes Peg LED

Designer Profile: Sungho Lee (Clothes Pegs and Paper Clip LED Lights)

Sungho Lee likes to take everyday items, like a paper clip or a clothes peg, and integrate LED lights into them. What is great about these make shift lights, is that they can be joined with other items/materials to create your own personalized lamp. Like in the photo below, the clothes pin LED light can […]

DIY Vintage Clock Nixie Tubes

1950s Vintage Light Up Clock DIY

Nixie tubes use to be used to display numbers for lab equipment, calculators and a number of other items. These days they are out of mass productions, but here is a DIY kit that allows you to use them to create a clock – soldering skills required. Sold on ThinkGeek – currently unavailable. More digital […]


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