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Vintage Map Lamp DIY

A Simple DIY Idea: The Vintage Map Paper Lantern

Some of the best DIY lamp ideas are the most simple to make and allow you to personalize it in your own way, just like the print out paper lights we mentioned here. Take this pendant light that Allison of Paisley Sprouts created. Here she takes the standard, well known paper lantern. Then cuts dozens […]

DIY Paper Fortune Light

DIY Paper Fortune Teller Lights

We’ve highlighted before (DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights) the creative use of origami in making lights. This time we see Allison of The 3 Rs Blog fashion pendant lights using folded fortune tellers. Here she has made a lot of fortune tellers, and has glued them onto a paper lantern – creating […]

Flower Lantern DIY

Paper Punch + Paper Lantern = Flower Light

Paper lanterns have been a great source of inspiration for a number of DIY lighting projects. Because they are super lightweight they make a great base to glue things onto – and they are cheap! Here are some of our past posts that show DIY lighting using paper lanterns: DIY Paper Fortune Teller Lights It’s […]

Hanging Deck Lights

DIY Outdoor Pendant Lighting Using String Lights and Basket Frames

String lights. We’ve seen them hanging in gardens, used to decorate weddings and town streets, we’ve even seen them in wine bottles (DIY wine bottle lamp). They turn a space into an enchanting setting. There are a number of ways to use them: wrap them around posts or trees, hang them side by side to […]

DIY Mannequin Lights

DIY Retail Lighting: Mannequin Floor Lamps

ModMischief over at Instructables has written out a a tutorial on making unique clothing display lamps. These lamps are made out of dresses, shirts or any piece of clothing that has been stiffen through a solution of fabric stiffener, and fitted over a floor lamp. These are ideal for cheap retail lighting, for boutique or designer shops. […]


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